NEVER BUILT: LOS ANGELES @ Architecture + Design Museum

July 26, 2013 – One of the things I am learning more of while working in the Department of Art and Art History is design.  Design is in every facet of our lives including architecture.  A building can be an innovative beauty/wonder.  How it functions and its purpose can benefit a community as its physical appearance can change a city’s landscape.  Sometimes those visions never transition to reality for a number of reasons, but it would have been amazing if some of those visions did become real.  Could’ve, would’ve, should’ve. 

Preview NEVER BUILT: LOS ANGELES – Opens July 28th at Architecture + Design Museum

“This intriguing exhibit of architecture that never got built in Los Angeles offers a window into a future that wasn’t and a past that dreamed its way to oblivion.  These images represent some of the structures that were conceived but never created in Los Angeles.  Some of them would’ve been today’s white elephants, while others are missed by people who don’t even know they might have existed.” (LA TACO, June 5, 2013).

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