NicolesArtsResource is Still Alive

June 18, 2013 –Hello Everyone! I know I haven’t been blogging as much as before, but NicolesArtsResource is still alive.  It’s going to take time, but I’m figuring out how I can take NicolesArtsResource to another level. In addition to the arts, I have some passions stemming from my own experiences, especially the last couple of years, that I want to intertwine with NicolesArtsResource.  Another reason why I’ve been slow on working on NicolesArtsResource is because after three years of struggling and looking for work, I found a job! And at my alma mater. These past three years have been challenging, especially given the state of the economy and the job market due to the Great Recession (or Great Depression depending on who you ask). I am very thankful. It is a good job and I am happy.  I am learning a great deal and my exposure in the arts field is expanding from museums to galleries and now higher education.  I am surrounded by art and art history students and faculty who are active artists and art historians in addition to working at a university campus. My experience the last few months has been awesome. Not to sound cheesy, but I do feel more alive, inspired and mentally stimulated.

I’ve been drafting up a handful of entries since the start of this year.  I will be posting them shortly.

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2 Responses to NicolesArtsResource is Still Alive

  1. Hi Nicole! I enjoyed reading your opening statement. It seems full of energy and ready to take on the world. I want to follow your blog and see what fascinating things you have to say

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