The Iron Curtain Trail

On Tuesday, May 8, 2012, the Wende Museum hosted a lecture and a tour of the museum. The lecture featured the Consul General Honorable Wolfgang Drautz and Member of the European Union Parliament, Michael Cramer.  Both men are from Germany and this was the first time I met a Consulate and a Member of the European Parliament in person during the meet and greet. I even talked to the Consul General for a few minutes about what I studied for my Masters degree!  Although I stayed for the meet and greet, unfortunately I was not able to attend the lecture.  I was happy though to have the opportunity to meet the two gentlemen.  The next day, I learned that Michael Cramer gave a handful of folded pocket sized maps of the Iron Curtain Trail.  The Iron Curtain Trail is a 7,000 km bicycle route that follows the entire border of the Iron Curtain where the East and the West was divided during the Cold War.  The trail gives visitors an opportunity to see memorials and sites and combines “…European culture and history with sustainable tourism” (The Iron Curtain Trail pamphlet). I thought this was pretty cool, especially for those who are history buffs, love to travel, and enjoy the sport of bicycle riding. I took photos of the folded pamphlet which you can see below. One side of it is a map of the European continent showing the Iron Curtain trail route bicyclists follow starting from Finland near the Barents Sea down to Bulgaria near the Black Sea. Click here for more information, maps, detailed descriptions and much more on the Iron Curtain Trail.


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I am a native Angeleno. I love history and I am also a progressive news junkie. My background is in arts administration and higher education. I crochet and I am teaching myself how to knit. The shiny things that distract me is yarn, books, movies, and music.
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