Art Walk and the Jennifer Main Gallery

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tonight is Art Walk in Downtown Los Angeles and I just got back from it.  Earlier, my Mom and I took the train to downtown to attend the event.  As noted in my previous Art Walk post, I am an Art Walk volunteer. So each Art Walk I visit a couple of galleries to meet the owners/curators, see their galleries and get the pulse of the visitors.  Later, I send a questionnaire to the owners.  The purpose is for Art Walk to get feedback so they can continue to improve the community event. 

Tonight’s focus for me was the galleries on Main Street (click here to see a list of galleries that participate in Art Walk). The Jennifer Main Gallery was the first gallery we went too.  Tonight was the gallery’s opening.  The gallery is also the artist’s studio.  When we walked in and saw the first set of paintings hanging on the wall, we were in awe!  The Jennifer Main Gallery primarily features the artworks by the artist herself, Jennifer Main.  The vibrant colors of her paintings immediately stand out.  The reds, blues, browns, and other colors drew us in. 

In a vibrant, uplifting manner, her paintings depict a wide range of experiences people go through such as money worries, job concerns, love, hopes and dreams, the need to have a break from the everyday craziness in life, and death (remembrance of our ancestors, celebration of life and death). Enjoying life to the fullest and with loved ones is also depicted in her paintings such as couples out dancing or a woman having a moment of peace and solitude and taking in every second of the moment. With all the craziness in this high speed world we’re living in, the themes of her paintings are positive, uplifting, spiritual, fun, and people can relate to her work. Her paintings are contemporary yet she captures the essence of an individual(s) that she is doing a painting of, incorporates an uplifting quote from the Bible, or infuses history and culture (i.e. the skeletons that reminds you of Dia de los Muertos). 

With Jennifer Main’s permission, below are photos I took of her gallery/studio, some of her art works and the artist herself.  If you are interested in learning more about the artist and seeing and purchasing her art works, please visit her gallery located on 620 S. Main Street #204 and/or her website: Jennifer Main Gallery.

After seeing Jennifer Main’s gallery and walking out feeling excited and in love with her paintings, we continued to visit a few other galleries.  During our walk back up Main Street and on our way back to the train, I took some photos of the downtown area, including The Last Bookstore, which we visited before leaving.  The Last Bookstore  is an awesome bookstore that is not Barnes and Noble or Borders (although I love those bookstores too).  But harkens back to the vintage bookstores and celebrating the hardcopy books in today’s digital age we live in.  It not only sells a variety of books but they also have a wide selection of vinyl records (disco, rock, jazz, R&B, etc.). My Mom and I bought a record each for 0.99 cents each!  My Mom bought a George Benson record and I bought a Donna Summer record. At The Last Bookstore, people can come in, browse through their bookshelves or aisles of records, sit down and relax in the spacious and vintage interior.

**With regard to copyright, all images belong to me (NicolesArtsResource) unless otherwise stated.  Be kind and give credit where it’s due.**


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I am a native Angeleno. I love history and I am also a progressive news junkie. My background is in arts administration and higher education. I crochet and I am teaching myself how to knit. The shiny things that distract me is yarn, books, movies, and music.
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